Cost Effective Compressor Remanufacturing


Replacing an old compressor with a new one may not be the best option. By choosing a complete compressor overhaul instead, performance is restored and cost savings of up to 60% off the price of a new unit may be achieved.

Why choose an AB overhaul?

An AB Industries compressor overhaul is built to last longer. Our team appreciates the critical nature of the rebuild process and follows a strict overhaul procedure. After complete remanufacture of a compressor is carried out, running hours and efficiency may be expected to be similar to that of a new unit.

The experienced overhauls team are capable of remanufacturing compressors and components for a wide range of brands. Howden, Mycom, Sabroe, Stahl, York, Broomwade and Gaulin compressors are among the many compressor types remanufactured by our experienced team.

An overview of work carried out on compressor components is as follows:
  • Rotors - Rotors can be re-tipped, journals and seal areas repaired.
  • Compressor Housing - Specialist machining can be carried out using proven methods to repair extensive damage to housings.
  • Bearings - The Alloy Bearings team here at AB Industries remetals compressor bearings and manufactures new alternatives to the OEM. Some bearings carried in stock are: Howden, Mycom, Sabroe, Stahl and Broomwade equivalents. Any bearings may also be machined to suit the shaft size of rotors.
  • Slide Valves - All slide valves are measured, assessed and re-ground where necessary to meet OEM specifications. Slide valves can also be manufactured by our experienced manufacturing and machining team.

Quality System

AB Industries is accredited to ISO 9001:2008. We have a quality management system that conforms to international standards and audited by an independent third party professional certification body.


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We take quality seriously
We provide full reports for each job. ISO9001 quality accreditation.
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