Transmission Overhauls and Parts Supply


For all makes and models, serving transport and heavy industry, AB Industries offers a complete, reliably managed transmission service.

The link between input and output

Transmissions are necessary in many situations to ensure engines are coupled to the units they drive. They must be in optimum condition at all times so the connection between driver and driven object is not interrupted. The most efficient way to sustain this relationship is through regular maintenance and equipment overhauls which are widely recognized as the most cost-effective and beneficial alternative to new replacement products.

Why choose an AB overhaul?

An AB Industries transmission overhaul is built to last longer. Our team appreciates the critical nature of the rebuild process and follows a strict overhaul procedure.

With a wide range of experience on many types of transmissions, you know your critical equipment is in safe hands. All transmissions are rebuilt with meticulous care to obtain a result that not only creates a long service life for the unit but is also very economical for the customer.

Exchange Transmissions

Ask about an exchange transmission service - it may be a good option to set one up for your company, providing unparalleled service and reduction of costly downtime.

Parts Supply

Our worldwide supplier base means we can source transmission parts in a timely, cost-effective and reliable manner. Some transmission parts are carried in stock, including replacement Voith transmission parts.

Quality System

AB Industries is accredited to ISO 9001:2008. We have a quality management system that conforms to international standards and audited by an independent third party professional certification body.


Arranging freight to and from your site is part of the quality service provided by AB Industries.

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