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Industrial Lubricants to Extend Asset Life
The most common reason for equipment failure is due to inadequate lubrication or contamination. By using the right lubricants you can reduce your downtime, improve equipment life and reliability, reduce maintenance cost and ultimately extend the life of your assets.

We recognize the importance of how lubricant performance can affect the life of your critical equipment. That’s why we align ourselves with Royal Purple. Upgrading to Royal Purple vastly improves equipment reliability, saving you money. Royal Purple oils are tested and proven to decrease maintenance and energy costs.

As the New Zealand agents for Royal Purple industrial lubricants, AB Industries believes that the Royal Purple brand of synthetic oils and lubricants not only outperform other leading and conventional lubricants but also deliver greater benefits to our customers through a tested and superior product. For further information visit www.royalpurpleindustrial.com 
Energy savings alone typically exceed the total cost of oil within a few months, virtually eliminating all lubricant expenses. So change your oil to Royal Purple today and discover that increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs are just an oil change away. View Royal Purple industrial lubricants in stock here at AB Industries.

Favourite products:
Maxfilm  SAE 15W40 Wire Rope Lubricant Synfilm 100 Marine Hydraulic Oil
Maxfilm  SAE 15W-40 Motor Oil Wire Rope Lubricant Synfilm Marine Hydraulic Oil

Most products available in quarts, 5 gallon pails (shown) and 55 gallon drums. Ask us for your preferred size
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