Decreasing Downtime for Heavy Industry


Asset managers, reliability engineers and other key personnel within heavy industry sectors know only too well the difficulties that can be faced as mechanical equipment nears the end of its working life.

Typical problems may include increased friction resulting in increased wear; high vibration levels, and emissions. Downtime of critical equipment often increases as a result of such issues.

At AB Industries we address these issues by providing remanufacture solutions for a wide range of rotating equipment, aiming to ultimately decrease downtime and consequently increase profitable time of equipment.

Solutions include complete overhaul of equipment, remetalling of plain bearings, parts supply, and industrial lubricant solutions to help extend the life of critical equipment assets.

Typical equipment remanufacture solutions for heavy industry sectors includes:

Coal Power Station-814
TASLU 1-60
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Power Generation

Remetal and machine white metal bearings
Overhaul, supply parts and source diesel and gas generation sets
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Complete overhaul of TASLU lifting machines (photo supplied courtesy of NZDF)
Supply of new engine lifter with remanufactured lifting frame
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Rebuild of engines for bulldozers and other earthmoving equipment
Complete overhaul of EIMCO underground mining machine
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In-frame and out-of-frame generator and auxilliary engine rebuilds
Remetalling and machining of stern tubes
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We'd love to provide a remanufacture solution to bring your mechanical equipment back to 'as new' condition. Contact us to discuss a remanufacturing solution to decrease your equipment downtime and extend the life of your critical equipment assets.
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