TASLU Aircraft Loading Machine Overhauls

TASLU Overhaul

When AB Industries was contracted to refurbish three 20-year-old aircraft loading machines for the RNZAF, the initial design brief was to increase the load capacity, improve safety and operating procedures and to simplify the maintenance and parts procurement for each machine.

As the project progressed, AB Industries staff and contractors met with operators to observe the machines in operation at full capacity. From this they were able to re-assess what the best outcomes for the project and the client would be. High on the priority list was for the machines to be kept as user friendly and serviceable as possible.

The original rebuild of each machine from top deck to axle was done and a series of design modifications and improvements were added to the original brief.

Although the design brief changed throughout the course of the project the team focused on getting the best results for the client which included the following work being done:

  • Designed and fitted safety pallet locking system controlled by operator in cockpit and remotely.
  • Designed and built Electric Control Unit to limit the machines operation under certain conditions thereby limiting operator error.
  • Remanufactured front axle drive system for better serviceability and reliability.
  • Designed and installed additional wheels to address deficiencies in weight loading capacity.
  • Re-designed and fitted up-rated braking system to take the increased capacity, and provide for better serviceability and availability of parts.
  • Checked and repaired all systems, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical.
  • Backed up all designs and modifications with a full tech schematic and description of operation and parts, with respective manuals.
  • Incorporated training classes on site to auto tech and operational staff.
All three machines now provide the RNZAF with safe, capacity capable, operator friendly, reliable loading devices for their Boeing 757 aircraft. 

As a result of the remanufacture of the three units, AB Industries was Highly Commended for Category B (contracts below $7 million) of the Minister of Defence Award of Excellence to Industry 2009.

Recognising AB Industries' commitment to the TASLU contract, the RNZAF said: "For the first time the RNZAF can now call on a NZ contractor with the skills and knowledge to provide assistance, maintenance, and spares support should the need arise."

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