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Overhaul Solutions for the Food Processing Industry

Food Process Plant.jpeg  Compressor Overhauls | Component Overhauls| Gearbox Remanufacture | Bearing Manufacture

Examples of work done for the food processing industry are:

  • Overhaul and re-manufacture of screw compressors.  Re-sleeve housing bores and reclaim damaged tips on screw compressor rotors as well as supply whitemetal bearings for most models of screw compressors.
  • Manufacture and supply of bearings and components for refrigeration industry rotary screw compressors.
  • Component reconditioning for Cooper Bessemer integral compressor 16  250 gas engine.
  • Analysis of repair options and the subsequent refurbishment of turbine rotor, manufacture of new turbine bearings and refurbishment of turbine gearbox bearings.  This is a 7MW steam turbine running at 7000RPM.
  • Overhaul of 9000RPM, 490kW Allen Steam Turbine gearbox for a salt refinery.  The high speed pinion had failed.  AB Industries supplied a replacement pinion and re-machined the gearbox casing to true up all the bores, then re-assembled the turbine.