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Keeping You On Track

Whether it's failure analysis, a detailed inspection and cost analysis or specialised machining and fitting of components our services are tailored to meet your specific requirements and achieve the best solution for the application. We provide our customers with full premium engine overhauls, comprehensive compressor rebuilds, cost effective and reliable parts sourcing and extensive suspension bearing remetalling and manufacturing service which allows us to help you keep on track.

Compressor Rebuilds

An AB Industries compressor overhaul is built to last longer. Our team appreciates the critical nature of the rebuild process and follows a strict overhaul procedure. After complete remanufacture of a compressor is carried out, running hours and efficiency may be expected to be similar to that of a new unit.

Premium Engine Rebuilds

From diesel engine rebuilds to full equipment overhauls our remanufacturing team provides solutions that are both economical for our customer in terms of equipment conservation and reduced capital expenditure, and to the environment through the conservation of energy, materials and safe disposal of hazardous materials.

Critical Spares Parts Supply

By providing critical spare parts supply programs, costly downtime as a result of equipment failure is minimized and productivity and workflow increased.

AB Industries sources new engine and equipment parts from contacts worldwide to maintain competitive pricing. Spare parts for large diesel and gas engines, transmissions, turbines, compressors, pumps and rotating equipment are supplied to customers throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Examples of solutions for rail are:

  • Premium rebuild of Cummins KTA1150L engines for shunt locomotives. 
  • Premium rebuild of a Caterpillar 398 locomotive engine.  EMD, in-situ inspection and replacement of main and big-end bearings.
  • Remanufacture of compressors for locomotives.  A wide range of makes and models have been overhauled. 
  • Remanufacture of points machines and standby generator sets for signalling applications.
  • Overhauling and testing of mobile plant engines and transmissions throughout New Zealand over approximately two years.
  • Ongoing remetal and new manufacture of locomotive suspension bearings.  

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